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Cold Spring Solar
Putnam County
Bringing solar-powered energy to Indiana

Arevon is partnering with local landowners to develop Cold Spring Solar, a 200-megawatt photovoltaic solar farm on privately owned land in Putnam county. 

Cold Spring Solar will generate enough clean energy to power more than 30,000 Indiana homes. The project will provide local economic development and tax revenues while creating a new source of home-grown electricity.

Our team will work with local citizens and officials to align the project with the long-term goals and interests of Putnam County.

Arevon welcomes any questions, comments, or concerns. Please reach out to our team through the form below or by contacting the local representative.

Economic Impact

The Cold Spring Solar project will deliver significant economic benefits to the local community:

  • More than $40 million in taxes paid to local counties over the project lifetime

During construction:

  • 214 direct jobs earning $23.4 million in total compensation

  • 118 indirect jobs

  • $36.6 million contributed to the counties’ GDP

Each year of operations:

  • 5 direct jobs earing $420,000 in total compensation

  • 11 indirect jobs

  • $1.4 million contributed to the counties’ GDP

Read our full economic impact study here 

Project Information
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Image by American Public Power Association
Image by Lina Trochez


200 MW | Powering 30,000 homes


Putnam County


2024 - 2025



Fill out the form below to receive project updates or submit questions and comments.


Cold Spring Solar Farm's local representative Nick Gentry is the primary point of contact for questions about the solar farm.

Nick Gentry is available at 765-918-5872 or

Thanks for submitting!

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